We’re all about anything that has to do with English and Creative Writing. We welcome ANYONE interested in reading and writing.

If you have any questions or need to contact us, click here.


It’s Not for Everyone, But it is for Anyone

English & Creative Writing are two sides of the same coin; communication. We all use words to communicate with each other every day, and writing is an elaborate way of communicating emotions that make people more empathetic and self aware. With this note in mind, it isn’t hard to believe that ANYONE can and should join this club. It doesn’t matter how much you read (if you read at all), or how much you write or whether you’re an introvert or a people person.

The main purpose of this club is to spread the lessons and skills that English & Creative Writing Majors learn to all who are interested in them. Whether if its to become a better storyteller, speaker, editor, or if you just want to learn how to write essays better, this club may be a valuable resource to your repertoire of reading and writing skills.

Weekly Meetings

We hold our regular club meetings every Friday from 4-5pm at the UA Poetry Center, room 206. We record all of our meetings, so if you miss one, we’ll upload it on our Youtube page. Meeting Photo

We start each meeting with what we call an “Ice Breaker” activity, where we all casually talk about who we are, what we’re woking on, etc. This is just to get things going and to relieve the tension that we carry with ourselves throughout the week. Afterwards, a someone gives a brief 15-20 minute presentation on a topic that is related to English and Creative Writing. These talks are organized by members, and we try to encourage everyone to give a talk at some point.

Membership Involvement

It’s real easy to become a member. The quickest way is to sign up for our mailing list, and then make sure to attend the next club meeting. Of course, there are other ways of getting involved with the club, so here’s a list of all the ways you can do that while also keeping track of the club.

List Serv

ECWC Mailing List


ECWC Facebook Page


ECWC Goodreads Group


ECWC Youtube Page


Other Cool Clubs & Organizations

UA Gamedev Club

This is the UA GameDev Club, intended for anyone pursuing ANY career in the games industry. Most people tend to assume that all they do is focus on game programming, but they actually cover a wide variety of topics, such as art, sound design, business, game design, production, career advice, and much more. Click on the photo for more!



Since its inception in 1978, Persona has been THE undergraduate magazine of art and literature at the University of Arizona. We publish one issue per year with the best art, poetry, short stories, and nonfiction gathered from UA undergrads. Each issue has approximately 20 pieces of literature and 25-30 pieces of art—spanning several genres and mediums.






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